Troy Case


Troy Case is the CXO of CASE Financial, a service organization within the financial industry that specializes in ATMs, Branch Automation, and Security Products. In addition to being a strong leader for his company, Troy’s roles include: Sales of ATMs & Branch Automation Systems, New Customer Development, and General Sales Training for employees.


For the past 21 years, Troy has been diligently serving the financial industry. As the CXO of CASE Financial, Troy has dedicated his organization to assisting community banks in finding the best ways to leverage their current delivery channels, and to develop new delivery channels as efficiently as possible. In addition to sharing his expertise in various ways throughout the financial industry, Troy has served on the NCR Advisory Board and ICBM In-Balance ATM Board for many years.
In all his endeavors, Troy Case places at the forefront his focus on the high customer service standards that he learned from his father.

Accomplishment & Affiliations

  • Board Member – ICBM In-Balance ATM Board
  • Top Sales Channel Member – Lansworth Enterprise Solutions
  • NCR Nationwide Sales Leader – Teller Cash Recyclers (2012)
  • NCR Million Dollar Club – Lansworth Enterprise Solutions (9 Times)
  • NCR Circle of Distinction (2012)
  • First Company to implement an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) in the Midwest

Professional Education

Troy Case graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College of St. Peter, MN, Class of 1993, with a B.A. in Business Administration & Management.