Case Financial’s Mike & Lori Dalglish host 5th Party It Forward

Anoka, MN – January 5, 2017 – Mike Dalglish, one of the Case Financial owners, and his wife Lori, hosted another successful Party It Forward event in October of 2016. Party It Forward was created over 5 years ago by the couple after they had faced a life-changing event. Several years ago, the Dalglish’s were involved in a very bad car accident. The accident almost split the car in two.

Many friends, families, and organizations, helped Lori through her transition, including special transportation (provided by a non-profit known as DARTS). Despite all of the necessary transportation, the Dalglish family never received a bill from DARTS. After going through many years of recovery, the couple decided to give back to DARTS by hosting a fundraiser called Party It Forward, and used Mike’s 40th birthday as the platform to do it.

The fifth annual Party It Forward was held on October 8, 2016 with hundreds in attendance. This event is held to fundraise for DARTS, which not only provides transportation, but also care-giving, home services, education, outdoor chores and other resources for elderly folks in the Twin Cities area. In 2016, Party It Forward offered a silent auction, great food, and live music by Brian Kinney. They were able to set a record of $60,000 in donations. Over the past five years, the foundation has raised almost $200,000.00.

“We can’t thank you enough,” Dalglish said. “It means so much to the community and the money will go to help so many people in need. Lori and I really appreciate the continuous support you have provided us in good times and bad.”

Party It Forward has become a staple event for Case Financial. Many of the largest financials in the Twin Cities help to support this event, as well as partners and vendors of Case Financial.

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