Case Partners with Affinity Plus, turning Children’s Hospital ATM into Friendly Monster

Affinity Plus unveiled new monster ATM at Children’s Minnesota

 SAINT PAUL, MINN. (February 18, 2016) – Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union has transformed two ATMs – one located on Children’s Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus and one on its St. Paul campus – into friendly, colorful monsters that better complement the clinic’s playful environment. On Feb. 12 , the credit union hosted a monster birthday party to celebrate the reveal of the newly designed NCR ATMs at Children’s in St. Paul. Case Financial was honored to be incorporated in this process and to be a part of the celebration.

In 2013, Affinity Plus installed ATMs on Children’s Minneapolis, Roseville, and St. Paul campuses allowing all users – even those who have accounts elsewhere – to withdraw cash without incurring a fee from the credit union. Shortly after the installation, the credit union learned the NCR machines had been affectionately identified as monsters, answering the credit union’s question about how it can transform its ATMs to match the creative surroundings.

“When you walk into any location of Children’s, you almost forget you’re walking into a hospital,” shares President and CEO Dave Larson. “The bright colors and the way everyday items are designed to spur kids’ imaginations gave us the opportunity to do something different with our ATMs – and we’re really happy with how they turned out.”

Affinity Plus partnered with Children’s Art Coordinator Carol Allesee, who held artistic activities for a small group of patients to create design inspirations for the ATMs.

“What impressed and touched me the most as I was working with our patients on creating a monster for the ATM Design team was how excited they were to create something that would bring joy and smiles to future patients at Children’s,” shares Allesee. “To them, that was what inspired their creativity. It really touched me that the kids wanted to give back in such a special way. They truly are amazing.”

The team that represented Case Financial was represented at the unveiling was CEO, Troy Case, and CSO, Mike Dalglish. Both Case and Dalglish are owners, and Dalglish also serves as an NCR Ambasssador. In 2013, NCR began an ambassador program to give passionate employees an opportunity to create exceptional experiences in the workplace and in the community. Today, the 300 global NCR Ambassadors continue to lead thousands of employees in partnering with the community to feed the hungry, revitalize neighborhoods, fundraise for cancer research, and so much more!

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