E-Invoicing Options

As Q1 of 2015 is winding down, Case Financial has added a few great updates to our internal processes to create a more efficient and quality operating environment for both our employees and clients alike.The most notable of these updates is our new accounting software through E-Automate.

Amongst the many great features of this new software is its ability to provide E-Invoices and Statements to our client base. While there are countless benefits to utilizing E-Invoices to view your account balances from Case Financial below are a few of the high points:

• Fast – Available days before a paper statement would arrive in the mail.
• Efficient – Contains the same information as a traditional paper statement.
• Secure – Reduces the risk of statements being stolen or lost in the mail.
• Environmentally Friendly – Stay clutter free and conserve resources by eliminating paper.

If you or your accounting department may be interested in updating to our new E-Invoice Program please fill out the form at this link (E-Invoice Form) and return it to our corporate offices via email ajohnson@CaseFi.com or fax 1.651.455.2289.

If you have any questions about the new E-Invoice Program please feel free to contact Amy Johnson Toll Free at 1.877.728.9627 or ajohnson@CaseFi.com.

Thank you once again for choosing Case Financial as a trusted financial product and service partner. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in any way!

Best Regards,

Ted Peltier

Marketing Administrator

Case Financial





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