NCR Extends Windows 7 Upgrades to 6/30/2014

Now that April 8th, 2014 has come and gone, many FIs need to ask themselves “Are we properly prepared for the Windows XP Sunset?” If you answered “No,” you are not alone. A recently conducted ATMIA survey concluded that only 15% of FIs will be upgraded to Windows 7 by Window XPs sunset date.

Given this, NCR has announced that it will be extending their sale of Windows 7 software until June 30, 2014. This is an extension from their original discontinuation that was set to take place at the end of April 2014.

NCRs deadline extension will allow FIs two additional months to budget for and replace the now obsolete Windows XP while retaining the simplicity of licensing software, purchasing hardware, and creating image files from a singular OEM. Click here for additional ATM Compliance Information

Financial Institutions will have one of three paths they can choose:

1.) Migrate Your ATMs to Windows 7 from Windows XP (order software before June 30, 2014) – Migrating your ATMs to Window 7 will be the cheapest and easiest method to maintain PCI Compliance. If this is your plan, you will need to order (not install, but order) your Windows 7 software upgrade from Case Financial before June 30, 2014.

2.) Migrate Your ATMs to Windows 7 from Windows XP (order software after June 30, 2014) – After June 30th, the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrades will be available only directly through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Program. In doing so, the process for deployment, license activation, image creation, ongoing security support, and maintenance, becomes vastly more complicated, and NCR/Case Financial will be barred from directly supporting the process. Due to these additional hardships, the Windows 7 migration process will also increase heavily in cost after June 30, 2014.

3.) Continue using Windows XP and create “Compensating Controls” – As an alternative, companies can potentially achieve PCI compliance through “compensating controls” such as, APTRA SolidCore available from Case Financial. This may be a cost-conducive option to consider for organizations with larger ATM Fleets. However, there is no information available as to what kind or how many compensating controls must be in place to remain PCI Compliant. Ergo, this option may leave you up to the mercy of federal or state auditors, as well as the card payment companies.

For more information, please contact your local Case Financial sales representative or dial 1.877.728.9627 to discuss your particular situation and compliance options.

Ted Peltier
Marketing Manger
Case Financial

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