New $100 Bill

We are only a week into October and already there are  many signs of the seasons changing. Much like our seasons, the Fed has announced that the $100 Bill will be changing as of October 8th, 2013 as well for the first time since 1996.

New Looks, New Security Features:
The new $100 bill from the Federal Reserve has a unique look all it’s own, and a new security features galore!

Raised Printing- For the first time in the history of the US Treasury a new texture will be added to a banknote. The printing on Ben Franklin’s shoulder will now be bumpy to the touch when your run your finger over the ridges of raised ink.
Textured 3-D Security Ribbon – One of the first new features you will notice is a blue vertical stripe running slightly off center to the right side of the front of the new $100 bill. This stripe is blue stripe is woven into the bill rather than printed and reflects a 3-D holgrphic image that changes between 100’s and bells.
Bell and Inkwell – An inkwell has been added to the front of the new bill that represents the Declaration of Independence. This inkwell contains a color changing inkwell.
New “100” Image – In the bottom right corner of the front side of the bill you can find a new “100” image. This image will change from copper to green as the bill is moved about.
Portrait – On the far right side (Front) of the bill you will see a faint yellow oval shape. As the bill is brought up to the light a faint picture of Ben Franklin will become visible in the oval.

A Word From the Federal Reserve:
Federal Reserve Video Message

How will this Affect Your Financial Equipment?

While the initial effect of the new $100 bill may be miniscule in the first few weeks (depending on how often you purchase money from the Fed) as the new currency works it’s way into circulation it may begin to cause issues with your currency handling equipment.

Simple Bill Counters (Piece Counters) that have no intuitive counterfeit detection mechanisms whatsoever will continue to work just fine with no adjustments.

Currency Counters, Discriminators, ATM Fitness Machines, Currency Sorters, or any Bill/Piece Counter with active counterfeit detection will likely need to be upgraded with new firmware to recognize the new $100 bill as being legitimate currency. If your unit is not upgraded and has not been pre-programmed to authenticate the new $100 bill, it will likely reject all legitimate new $100 bills as being counterfeit.

For more information on firmware upgrades for your currency handling equipment or the new $100 bill please contact CASE Financial Toll Free at 1.877.728.9627.

Ted Peltier

Marketing Manager

Case Financial

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