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Are you searching for a full walk in ATM kiosk with a small footprint? Then, look no further than the Landmark 54 Slide kiosk! The Landmark 54 Slide features a slideable fascia that creates a full climate-controlled walk-in environment for your servicer or cash replenisher, while maintaining a small foot print of only 64”(w) x 46”(d)!

High Quality Construction
All kiosks are constructed with high grade steel to insure maximum security benefits. All seams are stick welded and caulked with silicon at the point of manufacture to insure a completely weatherproof enclosure. Furthermore, all kiosks are fully insulated with complete climate control capabilities. Additionally, the standard powder coat finish insures that the unit will look great for years with minimum upkeep.

Fast Delivery
Standard sizes are in stock and are available for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks. Custom sizes and configurations are also available upon request (i.e. Full Walk-in Kiosks, etc).

Ease of Installation
The Landmark 54 Slide Series is designed as an exact fit for NCR 5890 and Diebold 1074 pads. This insures that no concrete work is necessary for installation into an existing pad. Additionally, we will install the ATM in the kiosk before shipping to the end user site at no additional charge to make final installation as quick and easy as possible.

Extremely Competitive Pricing
Purchasing ATM Kiosks directly from the manufacturer, Case Financial, will save your organization thousands of dollars compared to buying from a 3rd party servicer.


Standard Size:64″ long x 96″ tall x 46″ deep
ATM Compatibility:Triton: RT2000, FT5000
NCR: 5588, 5688, 5886, 5887, SS25, SS34
Diebold: 1071i/ix, 1073i/ix, 1077i/ix, 560, 562, 740, 760
Construction:14 Gauge Steel Body, 2” Tube Steel Floors
Insulation:Six-Sided: 1.5” Rigid Foam Insulation
Environment:Thermostatically Controlled Environment (5000BTU AC and 5120 BTU Heater)
Finish:Weather Resistant Baked Enamel
Interior:Carpeted Finish
Conduit and Wiring:Pre-Installed, Electrical panel is supplied.
The conduit and wiring as designed to accommodate existing electrical from a Diebold 1074 or NCR 5890.
Pre-Installed, Electrical panel is supplied.
Installation:Designed to fit as little as a 40” pad. The conduit and wiring is designed to accommodate existing electrical from a Diebold 1074 or NCR 5890.

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