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Change the face of your branch network

Give your customers more of what they want: control, speed and a human touch when it matters most. The NCR SelfServ 91 makes it all happen. With reduced costs and a more effective staffing model.

True network transformation – while saving on cost

The SelfServ 91 offers over 90% of teller transactions through an assisted service model, making a modern, open plan branch layout possible. This gives you the option to open a new type of branch in smaller and non-traditional locations. Extend the footprint of your branch network and bring your brand closer to  your customers without the costs of opening a full-service branch.

Be there the moment they need you

Branch staff can see what your customers are up to – and when they need help – by using wireless tablet technology linked to the SelfServ 91. Let’s say a customer wants to withdraw a cash amount above their daily limit. Your staff are automatically notified right away, and can help that person there and then. Or if a customer is unsure of how to do a mixed deposit, they can ask for staff assistance at any time during the transaction.

Inspire your staff and your customers

Make better use of your branch staff by giving them tools to successfully approach customers. With Interactive Banker and the SelfServ 91, your staff get data at their fingertips – so they know who’s in your branch, and can strike up conversations. The kind that lead to better service, happier staff and more sales. Simple as that.


  • WIDTH     30.3″-60.55″
  • HEIGHT   48.8″
  • DEPTH     41.26″
  • WEIGHT  2,028lbs


  • WIDTH    44.17″/30.3″ (In front of wall/behind wall)
  • HEIGHT   24.41″/61.8″ (In front of wall/behind wall)
  • DEPTH     19″/39.86″ (In front of wall/behind wall)
  • WEIGHT  2,333 lbs


  • Display – 19″ LCD touchscreen (head on only), 15″ LCD touchscreen (cantilever only). Optional privacy filter
  • Keyboard – EPP (PCI compliant), polycarbonate or stainless steel. Optional Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Card Reader – Smart Dip, IMCRW with Smart option
  • Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators (MEEI)
  • Audio – Optional high quality public audio and/or sound jack with volume control, jack or public radio
  • Barcode Reader – 2D Barcode supports both 1D and 2D documents
  • Photo ID scanner – license size
  • Private handset and microphone (cantilever only)


  • 2-4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability


  • Intelligent Cash Recycling Module. Accepts and validates up to 200 new notes in a single bunch
  • Scalable Deposit Module – mixed media handling capability, 1 slot for cash and check deposit up to 50 notes/checks in a single bunch
  • Intelligent Check Deposit Module – Scalable check deposit, up to 30 checks in a single bunch
  • Coin Processing – coin dispense option


  • Receipt Printer – 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer. Options – retract and capture, dual color, dual roll and/or 2ST (two-sided thermal printing)
  • Statement Printer – 80 column thermal printer with document capture and 2ST


  • USB Protection and Parts Validation. Options – Fraudulent Device Inhibitor, Enhanced Card Drive, Intelligent Fraud Detection (IMCRW only), Ink-staining, Solidcore Suite for APTRA, Camera NTSC, PAL or third party
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Safe – CEN 1

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