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NCR APTRA™ Exchange solutions are designed specifically to aid the ATM management of software functions on the self-service channel. There are three parts to the solution:

A multi-vendor ATM management solution that locates and resolves issues quickly, cost-effectively and conclusively. It’s easy-to-use interface enables you to retrieve EJ files remotely, by group, geographical location or individual ATM, either at scheduled intervals or on demand whenever it’s required.

NCR APTRA Software Exchange
Download software patches and updates and perform unassisted installs remotely – quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Send out Windows® security patches, ATM management application updates and screen content to the ATMs in your network at your convenience, while retrieving files from your ATM network remotely and reducing ATM downtime.

NCR APTRA Ad Exchange
A cost-effective way to remotely distribute your NCR APTRA Promote and NCR APTRA Relate marketing campaigns to the ATMs in your network. With NCR APTRA Ad Exchange, you’re in charge of ATM management and what you communicate, who you communicate with and how much you spend, enabling you to do more for less.

Key Features:
• Reduce ATM Network Management Costs
• Resolve customer dispute issues effectively
• Flexible retrieval of EJ files
• Make it work for you with Software Exchange
• Designed for self-service
• Easy-to-use interface
• Multi-vendor EJ viewer
• Full integration with APTRA Promote and APTRA Relate
• Segment adverting by groups of ATMs with Ad Exchange
• Flexible distribution capabilities
• Reduce operation costs
• Decrease ATM downtime
• Seize the opportunity with Ad Exchange
• Distribute your campaigns when it suits you
• Targeted campaigns with maximum impact
• Personalize your targeted campaigns

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