Audio Authority 1500A

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The 1500A Counter Station by Audio Authority is smaller, more flexible, and has even more options than the original model. The 1500A is designed to take up less counter space by mounting the speaker under the keyboard, while preserving the best sound quality in the industry.

• Excellent two-way audio performance
• Compact 7 x 7.25” footprint (Model 1500A)
• Video add-on adjusts from 12 to 15 inches in height
• Durable, easy to clean, touch-sensitive keypad – no moving parts
• Keypad can be customized for 1 to 16 lanes (hub required)
• Lane camera up/down controls for video applications
• Convenient headsetjack for wireless operation
• Privacy feature bypasses mic & speaker when headset or handset is in use

Even with all these features and options, the Series 1500 Intercom is still a snap to install. A single Cat 5 cable is all that is required to connect the Counter Station and the Customer Station. A wireless headset can be added to the Counter Station for convenient mobility. Two-way video is simple to add to any system with a single Cat 5 connection at either end.

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