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The BX2 Continuous Archive is Dedicated Micros flag-ship digital recording solution allowing hard disk drives to be hot-swapped without pausing recording. Targeted at security managers and specifiers of high risk commercial and government environments, BX2 Continuous Archive allows the end-user to create an unlimited archive of footage, or provides hard drive evidence on demand to law enforcement agencies.

Using RAID1 mirroring technology, the BX2 Continuous Archive provides up to 1TB of storage from its 2TB discs. At any time the mirror drives can be hot- swapped allowing the entire storage to be instantly removed for archive, or made available for evidence without any disruption to recording or system operation. For applications where evidence needs high levels of protection, RAID 1 ensures that all data has an identical back-up copy that can be used in the unlikely event of disk failure.

By scheduling regular hot-swap of mirrored drives, end-users can create continuous archives of unlimited capacity. The BX2 range also includes standard models without hot swappable disks but includes features such as advanced record schedule, built-in CD-R and video motion search facility in a choice of 640GB, 1.2TB or a massive 2TB storage options.

Key Features:
•    RAID 1 protection hot swappable disks
•    Quick and easy copy to internal CD-Writer
•    Maximum record rate of 100pps PAL, 120pps NTSC
•    Ethernet remote viewing
•    Audio recording


Record Rate:100pps PAL, 120pps NTSC
Storage Space:Up to 2TB
Hot Swappable Drives:Yes
Backup Protection:Raid 1
Audio Recording:Yes
NetVu Connectable:Yes

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