The high capacity CIMA AST 7016 Cash Recycler, which has 16 Rolled Storage Modules (RSM) will automate the acceptance, authentication and validation of bank notes, while making them instantly available for dispensing to the customer.

• Compact physical size and small service footprint, eliminating expensive rework of branch furniture
• Unique unidirectional transport mechanism, resulting in the lowest number of note movement turns in the market, directly translating to maximum uptime
• Short transport path and continuous feed capability, resulting in the fastest fill and empty time compared to all other recyclers in the market

Height:37.7” (957mm) UL 291
Width:17.3” (440mm) UL 291
Depth:41.5” (1055mm) UL 291
Weight:992 – 1,6318lbs (450 – 740kg) depending on configuration
Note Handling:16 Rolled Storage Modules (RSM)
500 banknotes for US$
Storage Module:Storage by single denomination with recycling function
Multi-denomination storage with stocking function
Speed:Deposit and dispense speed of up to 7 banknotes/second
Cash deposit size unlimited
Cash dispense size 100 notes
Notes:Standard configuration:
– Length: 100mm – 190mm
– Width: 60mm – 82mm
Note Detection:BV 5000 sensor, visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, magnetic
Certified: Banknote Recycling Framework of the ECB
Security:Wide range of locks available including Mas Hamilton and LaGard
Can be fixed/bolted to the floor and can house a seismic sensor
Safes – UL 291 12mm
Timed distribution of banknotes
Time zones – 20 operation zones
Illuminated indicator arrow to identify teller cash
Alarms – 3 alarm outputs with external contacts (ON/OFF)
Communication:2 x Serial RS232 port
2 x USB 1.1 port
Power:Voltage: 90 – 240VAC
Power: 600W
Frequency: 50/60/400Hz

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