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Cash inventory control management is a major focal point for Financial Institutions. Effective management can translate into direct cost reduction (e.g., cash delivery services, staffing, etc.), minimizing the need for cross-shipping, and adding shareholder value by mobilizing idle cash and increasing income.

CashView Insight is a powerful management tool. It acts as a monitoring service allowing users to view real-time statuses on all cash handling equipment. This can be performed anywhere and anytime as a physical connection to a cash handling device is not required. It is a collaborative tool uniting branches into regions providing senior management with a holistic view of their Financial Institution’s cash inventory position.

Reporting Capabilities

Using a variety of filters, a Financial Institution can take various cash usage snapshots for a local branch or the entire enterprise.

Journal View

Allows users to view individual transaction details. With a single click, a user can seamlessly scroll through all transactions.


Organizes large quantities of data in a simplified format. At a glance, a Financial Institution can view various cash positions related to specified date ranges. For example, which denomination was the most frequently dispensed during the day, week, month, etc.


Allows users the flexibility to filter data by date, branch, machine, user, transaction type and much more.

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