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If you are looking for a more complete range of features from your CCTV system, but still only require four camera inputs, the D4 may be for you! Why pay a premium for unnecessary camera channels? The D4 allows your organization to invest less in a DVR without compromising on quality and functionality.

Key Features:
•    Serial telemetry camera control via remote keyboard
•    Up to 2 months recording in one box
•    Internal CD-writer option
•    60pps NTSC record rate 50pps PAL
•    Single channel audio recording
•    Remote viewing via ethernet or dial-up connection
•    VMD and video motion search facilities


Camera Inputs: 4
Record Rate: 60pps NTSC record rate 50pps PAL
Storage Space: >2 MonthS
CD-RW: Optional
Activity Detection: Yes
Remote Keyboard Use: Yes

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