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March Networks video recorders enable financial institutions to generate a clear video record of every ATM or teller transaction. Enhancing transaction data with authenticated video gives Investigators compelling evidence in customer dispute, fraud or criminal Cases, helping speed resolution and reduce costs.

March Networks video recorders work seamlessly over IP networks, and are designed with performance and reliability foremost in mind. All boast an embedded Linux operating system for maximum security and dependability, and to free hard-drives for video only. They feature industry-leading compression for high-quality video records, high-capacity internal hard-drives for extensive storage, and advanced features for network friendly deployment and maintenance. Several models also feature unique docking stations for easy installation and servicing, internal back-up batteries for filtering unreliable power, and support for the latest IP camera technologies.

Quality Engineering:
•    “The quality of engineering…was one of the leading factors in our decision.” – Todd Grinde, Security Technical Manager, U.S. Bank Corporation [su_spacer size=”5″]
•    “The Engineering that went into the Mark Network DVR system was heads and above everything else we looked at.” – David Smith, VP of Security Systems and Equipment, Wachovia [su_spacer size=”20″]

Networked Systems for every financial requirement:
•    Compact 3204 DVR –The 4-camera 3204 DVR installs inside ATMs or kiosks, delivering a video record of every transaction to significantly enhance investigations into fraud and customer disputes.

•    Discrete 3108 DVR – The 8-camera, wall-mounted 3108 DVR provides flexible, enterprise-class features in a platform that is easy to install, operate and maintain in smaller bank locations.

•    Scalable 4000 C Series NVRs – For larger retail centers, cash vaults or corporate facilities, our 16-camera 4000 C Series NVRs offer a choice of capture rates, extensive storage, analog and IP camera connectivity, and networked support for 100’s of sites.

•    Rugged 5308 Mobile DVR – For cash-in-transit applications, the 8-camera 5308 Mobile DVR features reliable, high-quality video capture, efficient wireless network access and integrated GPS vehicle data tracking.


Models:Compact 3204 DVR
Discrete 3108 DVR
Scalable 4000 C Series NVR
Rugged 5308 Mobile DVR 
Network Capabilities:Any IP, LAN, or other network set-up
Cameras:4-100s Depending on Model
Financial Suite Compatible:Yes

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