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This drawer does not use gears, pulley or cables like most others.  It uses a twin lead ball screw rod assembly which enables it to extend farther (18 inches), carry heavier (25 lbs.) and larger items (16”x12 ½”x5 ¾”) than most other drawers. The transaction is easier for the customer because you can get the drawer closer to the vehicle reducing the chance of them mishandling materials.  The drawer uses flat compression seals, versus brushes, which increases the ergonomics of the work area by reducing noise while preventing cold air and contaminants from entering the building.

The Transaction Drawer ™ also includes an electronic brake. The brake stops the drawer immediately preventing any coasting which occurs with other drawers, resulting in damage to customer vehicles. This drawers large transaction hold down bar is also a plus preventing paper transactions from blowing away.  The drawer was designed for use with new or retrofit construction. This is a UL Listed and Classified product.

Key Features:
• Powered operation with electronic brake for precise positioning
• Flat compression seals eliminate airflow and reduce noise
• The most trouble free drawer in its class
• Manual operation available in case of power failure
• Scratch resistant powder coat finish provides durability and high visibility
• Optional full duplex audio for clear communication
• Designed for use with retrofit or new construction
• Large capacity eliminates need for package receiver
• Exterior audio panel available as an option in stainless steel
• 18” of extension for greater accessibility
• Drop front operation for convenience and safety
• Paper transactions are secured by full length weighted bar
• Optional heater makes drawer warm to the touch


Standard Cargo Size:16” x 12.5” x 5.75”
Brake System:Yes
Auto Recall Button:Optional
Finish:Scratch Resistant Powder Coat
Modes:Automatic, Manual (In case of power loss)
Rail System:Industrial
Commercial Deposits:The large cargo size and industrial frame allow for accommodation of commercial deposit bags or full boxes of rolled coin.

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