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Fortis safes are manufactured using high tensile, shot-blasted steel. High tensile steel reduces the weight of the product for shipping and eases installation while still meeting UL requirements. Shot blasting removes rust, scales, pitting and other imperfections and provides a foundation for a superior finished product. Fortis safes incorporate a 5 point bolt work on larger safes for added security. All safes are available in right or left swing doors. [su_spacer size=”10′]

Fortis safe interiors can be customized to provide maximum utilization for your specific needs. Combine open shelves, cash lockers, teller lockers, and pull out drawers to organize currency, coin and vital documents.

Key Features:
•    The advanced cross-guard design also serves as an explosive deterrent

•    The 6.75″ thick  door is formed of anti-penetration armor and carbon steel

•    The 3.75″ thick body has an alarm access hole in the right rear corner

•    Re-lock sensors aresSensitive to heating, drilling, cutting, punching, or any alteration

•     Features adjustable shelves, formed on 4 sides and rated for 150 lbs. each

•    7-lever key lock is provided with 3 keys with detachable bits

•    Tri-spoke handle slides the massive cross-guard Bolts securely into their sockets

•    The Super Fortress bears a 2 Hour fire label after passing a test of 1850° F


Dimensions:Vary by Model
Weight:Vary by Model
Materials:Main Door: 6.75” Stainless Steel Compound
Inner Plates: Carbon Steel
Body: 3.75” Stainless Steel Compund
Security Features:Cross Guard Corners
6 Armed Re-lockers- Sensitive to heat, drilling, cutting , punching 
7 Lever Key Lock
Custom Options Available
Models:10 Standard Models
Certifications:U.L. Listed, 2 Hour Fire Label

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