Korus KEC-1A

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Korus KEC-1A

The KEC-1A Packager from Korus features a simple, easy to use design. Its anti-noise design and small footprint make it ideal for small teller line situations. The KEC-1A’s hi-tech circuitry and sensors lead to extremely accurate counting, while its built-in conveyor belt offers the easiest coin feeding in the industry.

Key Features:
•    Simple design for convenience and easy to use
•    Anti-noise design for quiet counting service
•    Hi-tech electronic sensing for accurate counting
•    Conveyor built-in for easy coin feeding
•    Free pre-setting 0-9999 and automatic stop at desired level
•    Coin denomination knob makes easy coin selecting
•    Easy to remove jammed coins or substances by one-touch release button mechanism
•    Automatic off-sorting function


Speed:Up to 3,500 Coins per minute
Coin Size Range:Diameter: 14.0 to 34.0mm
Thickness: up to 3.9mm
Hopper Capacity:Up to 2,500 Coins
Power:110/120 AC
Size:10” x 15.125” x 22.125”
Weight:59 lbs

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