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The LIDIX ML Series Discriminator Currency Counter has superior performance with fitness sorting and authenticity detection option. The unit is equipped with quick booting system.

It has 6 different image acquisition, up to 1500 notes per minute, dual side serial number recognition option, and a 5″ full color touch display. Operating Modes include Piece Counting, Value Counting, Denomination Sorting, and Face & Orientation Sorting.

Items                                                Description
Value Counting Speed                      1500 notes/min
Fitness Sorting                                   None
Dual Serial Number Recog.             1200 notes/min
Software Upgrade                              Off-line : USB / On-line : Ethernet
Interface                                               LAN, USB, RS232C
Multi-Currency Processing              Max 20 Currencies
Electrical Spec.                                   AC 100-240V, 50~60Hz
Dimension                                           295(W) x 345(D) x 298(H) mm
Counterfeit Detection                       UV, MG, MT, IR, FL
Touch Screen:                                     5” Full Color LCD
Specification:                                      Parallel Operation
1) Dual Serial Number Printing & Management
2) Auto Currency Function
3) External LCD Display

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