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Its technology escalates process efficiencies and delivers effective cash management, via a user-friendly platform that easilyadapts to any branch environment. The LTA350
is a solution that delivers real results.

The LTA350 accepts deposits at a rate of 12 notes per second, putting it on the cutting edge of cash recycling with regard to speed. Capacity for the LTA350 is equally impressive. Deposit/withdrawal capacity of 600 notes is facilitated by the recycler’s continuous feed capabilities, and Quick Count Functionality is a built-in feature that allows the user
to convert the LTA350 to a currency counter/sorter without sacrificing precision and accuracy in counterfeit detection. Total recycling capacity is up to 12,000 notes.
The 8” tilting touchscreen is both the largest and most user-friendly in the industry, facilitating either teller, multi-teller or customer use depending on the mode selected. Compact
LTA350 design enables easy under-counter/pod installation and comfortable access. And embedded error management technologies make troubleshooting easy.
The LTA350 counts notes for confirmation before processing a customer deposit, thus minimizing errors, and rejected notes may be re-deposited automatically. Forgotten transaction? The LTA350 can either cancel it or store notes. And cassette storage ensures that the recycler can be customized to best meet customer needs.
The LTA350 stores cassettes in an internationally certified safe; its interior equipped with 2nd stage security. This eliminates the need for constant vault buys and sells. The LTA350 is a vault in itself. And self-auditing capabilities ensure both security and convenience for the customer, by eliminating the need to remove cash for audit.
Integration for the LTA350 can be customized to meet customer needs and adapt to systems in place. Direct integration, direct integration with middleware, soft integration and stand-alone installations are all options for financial institutions adopting this recycler technology.

Recognition: 7 denominations
Recycling: 6 denominations
Deposit/Withdrawal Speed
Capacity: 600 notes w/ continuous feed
Speed: 12 notes/sec
Note Handling Capacity
Recycling CS T: 2,850 notes, 4 cassettes
Versatile CST: 1,200 + 800 (recycling)
Operational CST: 2,850 notes
Total Dispense Only Capacity: Up to 16,250 notes
Total Recycling Capacity: Up to 12,000 notes
Retract – max 50 notes
Withdrawal / Retract, Continuous Feed
Quick Count Functionality
Convert unit to Currency Counter/Sorter at the push of a button
Reject Bin
Up to 300 notes capacity

Direct Connected Coin Dispensers
Two DBP Connections
Support T-Flex and Instachange
Color LCD(8”) with Touch screen
Communication Interface
LAN 1EA / USB 2EA / RS-232 4EA
Kaba Mas 252
Product Dimensions
Height 26.8” (680mm)
Width 14.7” (375mm)
Depth 44.4” (1,128mm)
Weight 860 lbs (390kg)
AC 110/220V

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