Magner 305

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Magner 305

Designed for ease of use in applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability with the lowest operational noise level, our Pelican 305S counts and sorts the six U.S. Coins at speeds up to 800 coins per minute using patented alloy sensor technology that automatically off-sorts foreign coins, tokens or slugs from the coin mix.

The 305S is configurable as a counter top sorter with coin drawers or with a security stand to facilitate the direct bagging of coins. Bag stops are exact and programmable which allows the unit to be used for coin packaging as well as coin sorting, performing two machine functions in one.

Key Features:
•    The Pelican 305+ is a coin counting and sorting machine
•    Sort of up to 6 denominations
•    The 305+ is naturally approved by ECB
•    CT Coin’s 5th generation alloy sensor technology
•    Ensures highest counting accuracy
•    Rejects foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc.
•    Ideal for counting/sorting medium volumes of coins fast and accurate


Speed:Up to 800 Coins per minute
Coin Size Range:Diameter: 14.0 to 34mm
Thickness: up to 4mm
Sorting Mechanism:Gravity Rail
Hopper Capacity:Up to 1,000 Coins
Sorting Capability:Up to 6 Denominations
Exact Bag Stops:Fully programmable exact bag stops
Display:LCD, 2 Lines, 20 Characters
Power:33W, 24V
Size:20.5” x 13.2” x 18.7”
Weight:48.4 lbs

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