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The Magner CDS 709 is full 6-denomination sorting systems that can accommodate multiple coin bags for popular denominations — the choice for institutions that want to minimize the cost of reprocessing coin or those that want to recirculate the deposited coins within their organization.

User-Friendly Features:
•    Simple Two Button Operation and Easy to Read Prompting Display.
•    Automatic Coin Feeder
•    Accurately counts coin while automatically rejects foreign coins and slugs.
•    Quiet, noise-reducing materials throughout.
•    Optimum Speed allows proper time to cross sell products and services. [su_spacer size=”10′]

Teller-Friendly Features:
•    Pull-Out Shelf allows easy access to the counting and sorting mechanism.
•    Internal Keyboard.
•    Simple Receipt Roll Replacement.
•    Continuous Cleaning Mechanisms.
•    Bag Management Section gives direct access to all bags through secure doors.


Speed:Up to 850 Coins per minute
Coins Sorted:US: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 (SBA)
Canada: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1, $2
Coin Input:Automatic
Sorting Mech:Gravity Feed
Bag Stops:Exact bag stops for up to 9 bags
Sound Level:56db
Languages:English, English & Spanish, English & French
Power:110/220 VAC
Size:35” W x 23” D x 45” H
Weight:275 lbs

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