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Backlighting with neon (TC Series) or incandescent (TCU Series) provides bright and reliable light sources for these internally illuminated signs. In our TC and TCU series signs, the brightness is coupled with a proprietary sunscreen that provides amazing readability in direct sunlight. The signs messages are automatically blanked out when the units are off to prevent customer confusion.

These corrosion resistant, low maintenance signs have been designed for easy installation. Neon illuminated (TC Series) signs have a life that can exceed 50,000+ hours which greatly reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

Our incandescent (TCU Series) feature specially designed traffic signal lams that have a life expectancy of over 10,000 hours.

Key Features:
•    Preset Designs
•    Custom Designs
•    Low Maintenance
•    Corrosion Resistant
•    Incorporated Sunscreen


Illumination:TC Series: Neon
TCU Series: Incandescent
Sunlight Viewable:Yes
Life Expectancy:TC Series: 50,000+ Hours
TCU Series: 10,000+ Hours

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