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The NCR SelfServ™ 26 is a through-the-wall and vestibule outside ATM. Its greatest strength, however, lies in its extremely sleek, slimline profile. This makes it ideal for very tight locations, including through-glass placement, or where space is at an absolute premium.

Designed with medium to high transaction usage in mind, the NCR SelfServ 26 dispenses cash as well as offering a broad range of other services, including bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and mini-statements.

With hole-in-the-wall compatibility with equivalent slim outside ATMs, the NCR SelfServ 26 is ideally suited for both in-branch and off-premise use.

It’s an outside ATM that will deliver your brand to the broadest possible audience in a vast range of locations.

Key Features:
• PCI compliant Encrypting PIN Pad
• High capacity cash dispenser
• 12.1” and 15” LCD touchscreen
• Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
• Provides a broad range of services such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up, couponing and vouchers and mini-statements


Height: 59.0” (1,498mm)
Width: 18.5” (470mm)
Depth: Short sleeve 45.0” (1,143mm)
Standard sleeve 49.5” (1,257mm)
Weight: CEN L safe 1,186lbs (538kg)
CEN III/IV safe 1,464lbs (664kg)
Display:  12.” or 15” LCD color with 8 FDKs
12.1″ or 15” LCD color with touchscreen
Keyboard:  EPP (PCI compliant), Polycarbonite or Stainless Steel
Card Reader:  Smart Dip card reader
Smart IMCRW with CROPF and/or System Escape, HiCo 
Audio:  High quality public audio and/or sound jack (optional)
Spray Dispenser: 2-4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability 
Journal Printer: 80mm 203dpi graphics ther­mal printer 
Receipt Printer: 80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer (option) 
Software:  Solidcore Suite for APTRA (optional)
Camera:  NTSC
Enhanced Card Drive: Fraudulent Device Inhibitor
Validation: USB & Parts Validation
Power Supply:  UPS
SERVICING 10.4” (264mm) LCD Graphical Operator Panel (rear load only)
Front, rear and side service
Options: TCP/IP, Ethernet, Leased-Line
SOFTWARE Windows XP Pro, Windows 7
NCR Aptra Suite

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