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The NCR SelfServ™ 32 is a full function freestanding inside ATM. This makes it ideally suited for any inside location either within branch or off-premise.

Designed with medium to high transaction usage in mind, the NCR SelfServ 32 dispenses cash as well as accepting cash and check deposits and offers a broad range of other services, such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and mini-statements.

The perfect inside ATM to complement other branch offerings, it gives you the widest range of upgrade options available, including bulk and single cash and check deposit, check imaging and truncation as well as cash recycling.

It can even be extended to offer the largest cash dispense capacity on the market.

Key Features:
• PCI-compliant Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
• Cash acceptor with flexible deposit modules and recycling options
• 12.1” and 15” LCD touchscreen
• Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
• Provides a broad range of services such as bill payment, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up, couponing and vouchers and mini-statements


Height:59.0” (1,498mm)
Width:30.4” (773mm)
Depth:51.2” (1,300mm) standard sleeve
46.7” (1,187mm) short sleeve
Weight:1,936lbs (878kg) CEN L safe 
2,284lbs (1,036kg) CEN III/IV safe 
Display: 12.1″ or 15” LCD color with 8 FDKs or Touchscreen (optional)
Keyboard: EPP (PCI compliant), Polycarbonate or Stainless Steel
Card Reader: Smart Dip card reader
Spray Dispenser:2-4 cassettes, bunch presenter, retract and purge capability 
DEPOSIT:Intelligent Cash Deposit and Recycling. 
Scalable Deposit Module
Supports multi-currency deposit
Intelligent Check Deposit
Envelope Depository/Dispenser
Coin Processing – Optional coin dispense
Journal Printer:80mm 203dpi graphics ther­mal printer 
Receipt Printer:80mm 203dpi graphics thermal printer (option) 
Statement Printer:80 column thermal printer with document capture and 2ST
Passbook Printer:Page-turning passbook for horizontally stitched books
Software: Solidcore Suite for APTRA (optional)
Camera: NTSC
Safe: Safes – CEN L, CEN 1, CEN III, CEN IV 
Enhanced Card Drive:Fraudulent Device Inhibitor (Optional)
Validation:USB & Parts Validation
Power Supply: UPS
SERVICINGFront, rear and side service 
COMMUNICATIONTCP/IP, Ethernet, Leased-Line
SOFTWAREWindows XP Pro, Windows 7

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