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The first truly new drive-thru system since the 1970s, the TransTrax® system uses the field proven reliability of a positive drive tape system. Due to this technology, the product only requires four moving components and all controls are solid state.  As a result annual maintenance and downtime are significantly reduced making the TransTrax® the most cost effective product in its class averaging less than one service call per lane annually.

The tape drive medium and the non-contact sensors used to position the TransTrax® offers enhanced customer convenience by featuring optional CAR and TRUCK/VAN delivery heights. At the touch of a button the teller can deliver the carrier to one of two pre-determined heights.  If there is ever a power failure, with the TransTrax, the customers transaction is accessible anywhere along its route.

The TransTrax® includes a built-in application specific full duplex audio system which is expandable for multi-lane use.

There are no hidden costs associated with the TransTrax®.  Unlike most other systems a single 110-volt 20 AMP circuit positioned on the interior vertical power the TransTrax®. There is no need to run power to the canopy or island, which saves considerably on installation.

The TransTrax® is a UL Listed product.

Key Features:
The TransTrax®:
•    Includes an audio system designed specifically for drive-thru.
•    Is capable of transporting rolls of coins.
•    Requires no power at the customer island, lowering installation cost.
•    Uses inexpensive carriers.
•    Has only one motor rated for 10,000 hours of trouble free and quiet operation.
•    Operates with only four moving parts.
•    Small profile requires a smaller island which lowers canopy and real estate costs.

Tranx Trax is Going Green!
•    Replaces inefficient pneumatic tube delivery systems.
•    Savings in avoiding needless maintenance and repair costs.
•    Savings in electricity usage.
•    Reduces your business’s carbon footprint.

Specifications differ based on the custom installation location.

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