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As technology advances, more devices land on the teller’s counter, eating up more and more teller workstation space – that is, until now! The TellerScan® TS240/TTP (Teller Transaction Printer) is the first transaction printer designed to integrate with a bank teller check scanner, minimizing the use of countertop space and delivering instant, high-quality customer receipts at the teller window.

Make no mistake: The TS240/TTP is not just an add-on for your check scanner – it’s a full-fledged receipt printer designed to handle all of your customer receipts at the teller window. Capable of delivering crisp, ATM-style receipts in less than a second, the TS240/TTP can also include check images, marketing messages, or other custom information on your receipts.

The included ReceiptWareTM software is easy to use and lets you control customization on the fly, with no special programming or additional charges.

The TS240/TTP is a standard USB, direct thermal printer that is designed to fit within a customized housing beneath the Digital Check TellerScan TS240 check scanner, reducing the counter footprint by up to 50% over a separate check scanner and printer. It still has all the same great specs of the original TS240, holding up to 100 documents and scanning at up to 100 items per minute.

Key Features:
•    Built in Partnership with CognitiveTPG – Over 250,000 Deployed Worldwide
•    Uses Thermal Print Technology
•    Requires 50% Less Counter Space
•    Print ATM-Style Receipts with Check Images and Customizable Marketing Messages
•    Creates Crisp, Clean Receipts in One Second
•    Inexpensive to Use
•    Industry Leading Three Year Printer Warranty
•    Easy to Use and Maintain
•    USB Interface
•    Unsurpassed Reliability – 60 print lines and 2.3 million knife cuts
•    Integrated ReceiptWare Software Included


Dimensions:11.25” x 15.35” x 5.74”
Weights:8.10 lbs
Document Feeder:Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
Feeder Capacity:100 Documents
Document Size:Width: 2.12”-4.25”
Length: 3.19”-8.98”
Thickness: 16-28 lb bond
Speed:100 DPM
Image Capture:Front and Rear
Resolution:100, 120, 200, 240, 300 dpi
Scan Module:Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
Print Method:Direct Thermal
Color:Monochrome and 2-color capability
Cutting Tool:Ceramic Rotary
Paper Roll:58, 60, 80, 82.5, 83 (mm)
Connectivity:USB 2.0
Supported OS:Windows XP / Windows 7 
Certifications:CE, UL, cUL, FCC, Class B, EMC: IEC CE

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