Activate Enterprise NextGen is now available

May 17, 2023
Activate Enterprise NextGen

Case Financial is pleased to announce that NCR’s Activate Enterprise NextGen is now available! This software provides a single digital first platform for ATM and ITM capability, delivering the widest range of transactions and services and supporting the very latest hardware technology. Activate Enterprise NextGen offers clear benefits in terms of consumer experience, deployment flexibility and security. It also brings the opportunity to adopt rapidly growing technologies such as contactless card enablement and many other developments that are not supportable on the legacy Edge software.

If you are running Edge on your ATMs, your software is out of date

As you may have machines currently using Edge 5, Edge 7 or Edge 10, we want to make sure your software is up to date, as auditors will flag this issue. If you require hardware upgrades or replacements as part of your migration, then Case Financial will be able to help ease that transition with standardized hardware offers that deliver price and lead time advantages.
Case Financial provides NCR’s Activate Enterprise NextGen on a subscription basis which includes software support, automatic entitlement to future updates, plus license transferability for ATM replacements. This is backed up with a service that helps you to deploy future updates as they become available, ensuring security and compliance and enabling important new features. Special pricing available for a limited time.

We want to help you keep your self-service network up to date and secure. Please contact your sales consultant at for an ATM evaluation.