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Case Financial’s ATM services are a comprehensive designed to outsource and simplify your ATM maintenance, management, upgrades and reporting. Using our firsthand knowledge from years of managing our own ATM portfolio, Case Financial’s experts can help you integrate all your ATM services under one provider. From equipment purchasing to compliancy to cash replenishment and everything in between, Case Financial can assume responsibility for every element of owning and operating your ATM fleet.

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Managed ATM Services

Our Managed ATM Services Programs are a comprehensive outsourcing solution for all of your ATM requirements. We will assume responsibility for every facet of owning and operating an ATM fleet on behalf of your organization.

First Line ATM Maintenance

Second Line ATM Maintenance

ATM Replenishment

ATM Upgrades

Regulatory Compliance Upgrades

Image File Processing & Delivery

Deposit Collection & Delivery

ATM & Network Monitoring

ATM Processing

Surcharge Options

ATM Processing

Stand out from your competitors with real-time reporting tools and profit-sharing opportunities that most ATM Processing Companies keep to themselves. Downtime is unacceptable – that’s why we process transactions directly through fully redundant data centers to help ensure your ATMs achieve higher and more consistent uptimes.

Cash Management Eliminating Hassle of Managing Your Cash Load

Real-time Notifications for ATM Replenishment

Real-time Remote Terminal/Transaction Management

Change ATMs, Surcharge, Cash Loads, Payouts, Etc At Your Fingertips

Customize The Site for Use By Your Consumers

Daily And Monthly Detail And Summary Reports

ACH Reporting

Reg-E Management

ATM Monitoring With Email Notification

ATM Error Detection

“No Transaction Activity” Alarms

“Low Cash” Alarms With ISO-Determined Cash Thresholds

Access Surcharge-Free Networks: Allpoint, CUHERE & MoneyPass

Bank Branding Tools

“On Us” Processing Options

BIN Reporting

Atm Support

Case Financial Maintenance Packages

Even the most sophisticated technology can experience service interruptions and problems. Our maintenance packages and services are designed to help you ensure those issues are resolved quickly and definitively, without damaging the quality or convenience of service you provide to your consumers.

1st Line Maintenance


  • Resolution of basic service disruptions: card, paper, and currency jams, etc.
  • Unlimited service calls handled consistently and on time.
  • Actively ensure optimum performance and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Unlimited consumer training and phone support.

Minimizing downtime statement

Case Financial First Line Maintenance Services deliver improved equipment up-time regardless of manufacturer through the dependable resolution of basic service disruptions such as card, paper and currency jams. Even sophisticated technology can suffer from the most unsophisticated problems. Case Financial First Line Maintenance Services is dedicated to ensuring those problems don’t damage the level of convenience and quality of service you provide to your consumers.

Issues like equipment jams and dwindling inventories (such as paper, ink, and other supplies) can temporarily derail your operations.

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2nd Line MaintenanceMost Requested


  • Resolution of equipment service disruptions that do not include first line items or acts of God.
  • Unlimited service calls handled consistently and on time.
  • Proactive approach: Second-line technicians are your eyes and ears of your equipment and ensure optimum performance and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Unlimited, free consumer training and phone support.

Sub-statement focused on reducing expenses & managing consumables in-house.

If your organization is comfortable dealing with supplies and consumables, but you still want an insurance policy for the costly bills that can come with hard equipment failures, Case Financials Second Line Maintenance Services may be the right choice for you!

Case Financials Second Line Maintenance Services provide the comprehensive support you need to take full advantage of your equipment investment. The service provides quality, dependable support from a service vendor with vast experience gained from supporting financial equipment since 1986. With Case Financial as your service partner, you have access to the support and resources of a global network of people and technology, with the capabilities and expertise to match with your equipment needs.

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Time & Materials


  • Resolution of all first & second line maintenance issues as they arise.
  • Pay-As-You-Go out of pocket payments as calls are placed.
  • Client is billed hourly rate, parts, consumables, travel time, and mileage.

Pay equipment repairs out of pocket and only as needed.

Maintenance agreements may not be the right choice for every organization or piece of equipment. If your organization prefers to take the burden on themselves and pay out of pocket as repairs are needed to their equipment, Case Financial can help!

Our Time & Materials Service features the same great service technicians that over 1000 clients nationwide have come to expect from Case Financial but without the upfront cost of an annual maintenance agreement.

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