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Give your consumers the simplified banking experience they deserve from anywhere with Case Financial’s ATM and kiosk products. Our ATMs, kiosks, and related products are designed to help you be there for your consumers 24/7 — even if they’re far from a brick-and-mortar branch.

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From exterior drive-ups to compact interior units, Case Financial offers a wide variety of NCR’s top self-service financial products and software solutions. NCR is the world’s leading enterprise technology provider of software, hardware, and services for credit unions, banks, and other organizations. Explore our NCR products and services.

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SelfServ 88

The SelfServ 88 is an exterior, drive-up island, multi-function ATM.

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SelfServ 84 Walk Up

The SelfServ 84 Walk Up is an exterior, through-the-wall, multi-function ATM.

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SelfServ 84 Drive Up

The NCR SelfServ 84 Drive-up is an exterior, through-the-wall, multi-function ATM.

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SelfServ 82

The SelfServ 82 is an interior, freestanding, multi-function ATM.

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SelfServ 81

The NCR SelfServ 81 is an interior, freestanding, branch-specific, multi-function ATM.

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ATM Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a full walk-in kiosk with tons of branding opportunities or a high-quality, small-footprint mini kiosk, the experts at Case Financial can help pair you with the right ATM solution for your needs! 

Our ATM solution offerings include the following product lines.

Landmark 54 Slide Kiosks

A full walk-in kiosk with a small footprint, the Landmark 54 Slide Kiosk features a slideable fascia that provides a fully climate-controlled walk-in environment for your servicer or cash replenisher. Enjoy all the benefits of a walk-in kiosk within a footprint of just 64” x 46”!

Landmark 77 Kiosks

If you’re looking for plenty of room and an unparalleled view, the Landmark 77 is the full walk-in kiosk solution for you. The large 7’ x 7’ footprint of the Landmark 77 ATM Kiosk allows for a luxuriously spacious interior cash replenishment area, while the outer kiosk walls act as prime advertising space for your financial institution.

Landmark MINI Kiosks

With tons of standard features packed into a small-footprint, high-quality build, the Landmark Mini ATM kiosk line is an ideal solution for financial institutions looking to maximize profitability without compromising on quality. This competitive combination of first-rate features and functionality is a popular choice for credit unions and banks across the country and can be customized with your branding. 


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Remote ATM Management

Manage your ATMs remotely with less stress and hassle. The RemoteView ATM/ITM product line uses technologies developed by industry experts and multiple modules to support all departments interfacing with ATM/ITM products. The Case Financial team can help you customize RemoteView products to fit your financial institution’s unique needs.



  • Diagnostics
  • Windows Patch Management
  • Electronic Journals & Analytics
  • Security Plus
  • Hard Drive Back-Ups
  • Marketing Screens
  • Hard Drive Encryption.

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ATM Branding

Struggling to increase brand awareness and strengthen consumer loyalty? Brand your ATMs! ATM marketing products from Case Financial can increase transactions by up to 40%. Our suite of ATM branding products includes:

  • ATM Wraps
  • ATM Toppers
  • ATM Surround
  • Custom ATM Screens

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ATM Marketing Screens

Whether you need to communicate special hours, market seasonal promotions, or reinforce existing messaging, Case Financial’s ATM marketing screens can help you meet your goals. Easily update your campaigns when your priorities shift! We offer a variety of campaign options to fit your financial institution’s specific needs.

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Maintenance Services You Can Trust

Minimize downtime and reduce expenses with Case Financial’s maintenance services. Our reliable team of experienced technicians will respond promptly and work proactively to solve service disruptions and ensure optimum performance.

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