ATM Security; How to Mitigate Risk

Case Financial has the largest ATM service presence in the state of MN and has been servicing ATMs since 1996. We’re proud of our heritage, our family owned business and the professionals that we employ.

There have been a number of articles with ATM security-related headlines in recent months covering topics such as skimming and jackpotting; both of which have potential to cause significant damage to both your ATM and company. This article is here to help inform you on how to mitigate these risks.

Know The Risks

We know from industry experts and reports, ATM OEMs and Security OEMs, and from our own expertise is that while there are various types of ATM fraud that occur on a daily basis, the most prevalent and costly is ATM Skimming. In addition, financial institutions (FIs) run the risk of damaging reputation and negative PR. Some of the damaging effects of skimming are: emptying your ATM of all of its cash, damaging your ATM, or even removing the ATM from your premises.

Steps Toward Protection

With this information, we strongly advise that each FI audit their ATM fleet to make sure they are up to date with the following:

  • Current O/S and SW Versions
  • Current ATM Security Settings
  • Current ATM Security Features
    • High security locks, alarms, cameras, anti-fraud devices, etc.
  • Physical ATM environment
    • Lighting, protection from the elements, susceptibility to fraud (is the ATM hidden by barriers), etc.

How Case Financial Can Help

Once an FI has acquired this information, they can partner with their ATM provider to come up with a comprehensive plan to systematically improve their ATM fleet’s security through multiple layers of security defenses. Because of the different factors including varying degrees of risk tolerance, more or less secure ATM fleets, etc., there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Please contact Case Financial for assistance in understanding the various types of fraud, security options, and to develop your best solution and action plan.

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