Case Financial Solidifies Partnership with NCR’s Digital Insight

October 9, 2015
Men shaking hands and making a deal

Case Financial has been selected by NCR Corporation as an exclusive partner with Digital Insight offering mobile banking applications.

Case, a premier provider of Branch Transformation technology, ATM equipment and maintenance services, is honored to be selected in this partnership. The goal of this strategic partnership is to help financial institutions integrate mobile technology with physical channels and to gain market share through a true omni-channel experience for today’s mobile customers.

Mobile and ATM integration means that a Financial’s consumers can use a Smartphone to withdraw cash from an ATM without a debit card, and personalize the experience at the ATM.

Allowing consumers to prepare ATM withdrawals on their Smartphone offers a number of benefits*:

  • The elimination of card skimming
  • The provision of an extra layer of authentication
  • Time-savings — pre-staged transactions can cut ATM session times by one-half or more
  • Increased loyalty among customers who appreciate having the ability to use a mobile device to personalize their ATM transaction menu
  • ATM locator apps that allow customers to use the GPS technology in a Smartphone to find (and get directions to) nearby ATMs — including surcharge-free machines
  • A new revenue opportunity — an FI can sell space on the back of the customer receipt, allowing nearby merchants to extend location-based offers to a nearby ATM user
  • Service for un-banked and underbanked consumers who can use their Smartphone to withdraw cash from a mobile wallet or other prepaid account
  • An attractive feature for younger consumers who use their Smartphone in all areas of their life

*Benefits according to ATM Marketplace, October 6, 2015

Digital Insight was acquired by NCR Corp. for $1.65 billion to offer a full suite of banking solutions for banks and credit unions across digital and physical channels. Digital Insight helps financials achieve their goals by offering innovative services to make it easier for consumers to manage their money.

For more information about the benefits listed, please feel free to contact a member of our team.