How to Protect your ATMs from Card Skimming

July 2, 2015
Case Financial General News Photo

At Case Financial, we want to notify all of our clients of potential threats to their institutions, and offer solutions on how to assist.

Card skimming is a globally known problem for ATM machines, but until recently, was not occurring in the Upper Midwest. A financial institution was recently threatened in the Twin Cities area. Due to the local nature of this event, we wanted to inform our clients on how to help protect their businesses.

According to ATM manufacturers, skimming is the world’s number one card fraud problem. A card skimming thief can not only steal card numbers, but with a tiny camera on the machine, they can capture the PIN number and reproduce cards at will.

Case Financial encourages all of our customers to inspect their ATMs and card readers for any suspicious-looking devices. To protect your financial from these potential attacks, and others, Case Financial offers a solution to protect you from these threats. NCR’s Security is Not an Option (SNO) package includes an Anti-Skimming Device, Cash Trap Inhibitor, SolidCore Agent software, and an enhanced cabinet lock.

For more information on protecting your financial institution, please contact your Case Financial representative Toll Free at 1.877.728.9627 to discuss your options. You can also watch this video here.