Important E-mail Phishing Notice

September 15, 2023
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9/15/2023 7:28pm

As a follow-up to our emailed notice of a possible email breach sent earlier today, we want to assure everyone that we have investigated the manner of the incident and any potential damage.

Immediately upon notice of a possible incident, Case limited the potential scope of the issue by powering down the suspected device and notifying all Case employees of the suspicious email from one of our vendors and warning them not to open the email or link.

We then engaged a third-party IT company to assist in investigating the incident to determine any potential harm. Fortunately, it was determined that the extent of the malware’s activity was to send out additional emails to contacts in a contact listing. No destructive activity was initiated nor intended by the link.

While it appears that all unauthorized actions took place within a cloud-based third-party email application, the email account that was compromised has been decommissioned.

Case is continuing its forensic investigation of the incident and will take whatever additional action is appropriate to prevent similar incidents in the future. We appreciate all of our clients that notified us of the email that they received, and apologize to anyone that was inconvenienced by this unauthorized activity.


9/15/2023 2:48pm

We wanted to alert you of an incident that occurred today 9/15/2023 with one of our employee’s email addresses. Please do not open any links sent from Tim Hanson (

At Case Financial, your security is important to us. We are in the process of investigating this incident.