Interactive Teller Now Doubles as an ATM

December 4, 2014
Interactive Teller

Anoka, MN – December 4, 2014

Recently an article on ATM Marketplace confirmed that the NCR Corporation has successfully completed the software and network certifications to complete ATM transactions on their Interactive Teller Machines.

For the first year of it’s existence, the ITM’s lack of an off hours ATM format had left many financial institutions waiting on the sidelines, many believing that without 24/7 access the new technology would not be maximizing their potential investment.

“With the activation or ATM Transaction, we’re able to maximize the value of our investment by keeping the ATM on even when our tellers are not available,” said Susan Doyle, SVP of retail banking at North Shore Bank based in Eastern Wisconsin. “The process NCR developed works easily on the front and back end, and we’re very pleased with our purchase.”

NCR’s Interactive Teller Machine is now certified with the First Data Corporation and is closing in on certification with other top networks as well, which is the key to unlocking the full value of the technology across the industry.

“Our Interactive Teller software offers a powerful combination: live video teller transactions for an interactive personal experience or an unassisted ATM transaction for fast, always-on service,” said Brian Bailey, VP of Marketing and strategy for NCR Financial Services. “Offering consumers choice of how they interact at this flexible channel is strong evidence of how we are improving functionality and user experience.”

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