Service Update

January 5, 2017
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Dear Valued Customer:

We have recently been made aware of an issue associated with the rebooting of several SelfServ ATM models stemming from an expiring certificate within an aged model of ATM keypad known as the EPP2.

Symptoms: After an affected terminal reboots it will experience an error that prohibits the terminal from going into service and will thus enter a continuous reboot cycle.

The Fix: NCR has released an update for the affected ATMs that will restore ATMs into working order or pro-actively prohibit a reboot loop from beginning.

Identifying Affected Terminals: Terminals with a keypad serial number less than 02650000, manufactured prior to 2013 are at risk.

Symptom Free Terminals: All affected terminals will still run perfectly until they have experienced a power outage or reboot. In this case they will revert to the aforementioned reboot cycle. Please do NOT purposefully reboot any NCR SelfServ ATM terminals until the NCR update has been applied.

The Next Step: The NCR update will need to be loaded locally at all affected ATM terminals by an experienced service technician. For those customers utilizing APTRA Exchange and Promote, this patch can be delivered via those channels via your normal personnel.

Support: Please follow your normal service procedures for reporting any issues regarding this rebooting cycle.