ATM Processing

Keep Your ATM Processing Running Profitably.

In today’s highly competitive ATM landscape, Financial Institutions need tools that provide you a distinct advantage. For this reason, Case Financial provides ATM processing solutions that help you stand out from your competitors such as convenient real-time reporting tools and profit sharing opportunities that most ATM Processing Companies keep to themselves.

Your customers want ATM transactions that get them in and out quickly. Downtime is unacceptable – that’s why Case Financial processes transactions directly through fully redundant data centers to help ensure your ATMs achieve higher and more consistent uptimes. Our ATM Processing Solution directly connects to ATM networks nationwide, eliminating the middlemen or gateways that can bog down transaction times.

Additionally, Case Financial spends considerable time and resources on optimizing ATM communication protocols, i.e. TCP/IP, Dial, Frame, ISDN, VSAT, and Wireless, which leads to fewer communication errors and more completed transactions.


The key features of ATM Processing are:

  • Cash Management helps to eliminate the hassle of managing your cash load.
  • Real-time notifications when your ATM(s) need replenishing.
  • Real-Time Terminal/Transaction Management from any computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Make changes to your ATMs, surcharge, cash Loads, payouts, etc…at your fingertips
  • Customize the site for use by your customers
  • Daily and monthly detail and summary reports
  • ACH reporting
  • Reg-E management
  • ATM Monitoring with email notification
  • ATM error detection
  • “No Transaction Activity” alarms
  • “Low Cash” alarms with ISO-determined cash thresholds
  • Access Surcharge-Free Networks including Allpoint, CUHERE and MoneyPass
  • Bank Branding Tools
  • “On Us” processing options
  • BIN reporting

More Information

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