2nd Line Maintenance

If your organization is comfortable dealing with supplies and consumables, but you still want an insurance policy for the costly bills that can come with hard equipment failures, Case Financials Second Line Maintenance Services may be the right choice for you!

Case Financials Second Line Maintenance Services provide the comprehensive support you need to take full advantage of your equipment investment. The service provides quality, dependable support from a service vendor with vast experience gained from supporting financial equipment since 1986. With Case Financial as your service partner, you have access to the support and resources of a global network of people and technology, with the capabilities and expertise to match with your equipment needs.

The Goal: Minimize down time. Reduce Expenses. Manage consumables in-house.

The Solution: Case Financial Second Line Maintenance Services


The key features of 2nd Line Maintenance are:

  • Resolution of equipment service disruptions that do not include first line items (i.e. card, paper and currency jams, balancing, etc) or acts of God
  • Unlimited service calls-handled consistently and on time.
  • Proactive approach: Second-line technicians are your eyes and ears of your equipment and ensure optimum performance and prevent issues before they arise.
  • Unlimited, free customer training and phone support

More Information

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