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Use the power of innovative cash recycling from Case Financial with the new high-capacity LTA-380; a teller-friendly solution that delivers optimal efficiency, convenience and security – all while allowing you to build better relationships with your customers. The LTA-380 can elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

 Up to 12 notes per second
 Up to 16,250 notes dispensed/12,000 recyclable
 True split cassette capability allowing for up to 6 recycling cassettes
 Upgraded electronics boards for expedited transactions
 Continuous feed for efficient transactions
 Automatic, unattended self-audit

 Serial number recognition and tracking
 Counterfeit/damaged note validation/return
 Operational cassettes accessible with tamper switch and lock and key
 Transit cassette accessible with safe exposure
 Reduced cash access and floor risk due to minimal transfers

 Continuous deposit/withdraw capabilities
 Various cassette options (high capacity, split cassette, mixed denominations)
 Up to 128 denominations supported and 6 recycled
 8” tilting touch screen for teller, multi-teller or customer use
 Note jam auto-recovery
 Supports multiple currencies

With flexible integration options and unmatched Case Financial support and service, the LTA-380 makes high-capacity cash recycling a cost-effective solution for your bank or credit union.

 Cassette Recycling Storage Technology
 8″ Tilting Color Touch Screen
 Up to 16,250 Notes Dispense Only
 Up to 12,000 Notes Recyclable
 Speed: 12 Notes/Second
 Input Bin: 600 Notes
 Reject Bin: 300 Notes
 Quick Count Functionality
 Continuous Feed
 Automatic, Unattended Self-auditing
 Cassette Tamper Indicator
 Serial Number Recognition
 Denomination Flexibility
 Embedded Error Management
 Dimensions: 14.7″W x 44.4″D x 26.8″H, 860 lbs

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